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This is the shipper community for Adam & Faye from the CW TV show, "The Secret Circle", based on the book series. If you're not a fan of this paring, don't join - simple as that. Trolls will be executed. Refer to the welcome post for comments/concerns.

Boy-next-door handsome, Adam is 19 years old and the oldest member of the coven. With an alcoholic, troubled father, Adam is in charge of his family's restaurant and has clearly been forced to grow up faster than most teenagers. Played by Thomas Dekker.

17 and stylishly sexy, Faye is a sharp-eyed young woman who can play the danger card - and will. A member of the coven, Faye is unpredictable and has no problem using magic for her own selfish desires - even if it's against the rules. Her mother, Principal Dawn Chamberlain, is thought of to possibly be a dark wizard, along with Charles Meade. Played by Phoebe Tonkin.

1. Don't bash the pairing, individual characters or actors.
2. Place spoilers behind an LJ cut. This includes any info on upcoming episodes.
3. Don't make fake LJ cuts to other journals, unless the entry is fanfiction, icons or picspams.
4. Tag every post.
5. For all fanfiction, the main paring must be Adam & Faye. Include the title, rating, warning for content or spoiler material.
6. Icon posts will only be accepted if ship related (at least 4 in your batch). Icon posts CAN NOT be only individual Adam or Faye icons.
7. Never link a locked journal. That's just stupid.
8. Include a credit/source link if you're posting news.
9. Don't copy material and claim it as your own.
10. Want to promote your community or become an affiliate? Comment on the welcome post.

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